10 Things Your Wedding Videographer Should Be Doing

Wedding PhotoWe wanted to re-launch our blog with some insightful content and give you some tips in helping with your video projects. So we wanted to start with something that we had a lot of experience with and holds the record for the most questions asked. Wedding Videography.

On what is arguably the most important day of someone’s life, you want someone who knows what they’re doing behind the camera.

1. Someone who knows how to white balance to make sure sure your wedding dress isn’t blue or yellow on the video
2. Someone who knows how to correctly capture in the audio for the ceremony
3. Someone who won’t be obtrusive to your guess or a nuisance during filming
4. Someone who knows the best angle and place to film for the best shot
5. Someone who’ll have a back up copy of the footage so they’re not calling you later saying they lost it
6. Someone who gets along well with people (they will be interacting with your guests after all)

And that’s just the filming. After the wedding, you want the video to be:

7. Polished up and edited and made presentable and watchable. If it drags along to you and you’re the star of the video, something is definitely wrong!
8. A custom made DVD or Blu-Ray cover, label and menu designed specifically for your wedding. Templates come across as cheap, and you want something special that was made just for you.
9. A Hollywood style trailer to recap the day and posted online so you can share via social media.
10. Creating a proof DVD, Blu-Ray, or digital file for review. You should be able to get a look at your video before receiving the final product. You don’t want to miss the opportunities to correct misspelled names and ask where is an important shot you thought was captured.

And these are just the things that come to mind in the moment. There’s so much more that should go into a wedding video production that your videographer should be doing for you.

You really don’t want to spend all that time and effort planning a wedding and then cheapen out on the people who are documenting the day. Remember, the video lasts forever. So try and hire the best you can afford.

Hire a bad videographer and you’ll appreciate a good one. Although we’ve retired out of publicly advertising wedding videography, we thought these guidelines would help soon to be brides chose the best videographer for them. Best of luck in your search and remember to be seen, be heard, and be important!

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