11 Tips For Flawless Make-Up For Film Production

Make-up can be divided into three categories. Basic, corrective, and character. To some degree each may be needed for different circumstances of filming. Basic is a technique to highlight physical features. Corrective may be self-explanatory. However, it adjusts impurities in the face that may show up on film. Character is an exaggerated way of making oneself look totally different.

In filming, make-up may be needed to make a person look normal. So in this first part we will cover a few tips for normal makeup for film.

How To Provide Proper Makeup For Video Production Film Work1. The purpose is to smooth out wrinkles and reduce minor blemishes. Keeping this in mind will help anyone achieve the most natural made-up face for film.

2. You always start with cleansing your skin even if it is recently washed your face attracts toxins regularly. After you wash, let’s go ahead and lightly moisturize and prime your face for your foundation.

3. It is easy to start by dotting your blemishes in a way that it looks like you have tiny dots of foundation or concealer all over your face. For those that prefer concealers before foundation, apply it very lightly. Once you have done this you want to take a foundation brush and lightly spread the foundation over your face.

4. When it comes to powder, less is more. Powder lightly around the edges of your face and more heavy in the areas that you and blend in an outward motion away from the center of your face forcing some powder into your hairline creating a more natural and even skin look.

5. Eyes should be lined with a liner that is a couple shades darker than you. You don’t have to opt for black. Black is more reserved for photo-shoots, or night makeup.

6. Cheeks (girls or guys) should be heavy on the apple of the cheeks and blended upward, barely leaving color because you will reinforce this with one stroke of dark contour color. For guys you will follow all steps minus the heavy cheeks, guys blush only works when you are changing your face. (character make-up)

7. The contour must start at your ear and come straight on the cheek to meet the color of the blush.

8. If the lines are harsh, we will use a corrective method with powder to blend. Powder is going to be your best friend when you are hoping to achieve a normal look for film. Do not assume that the idea is to look like you are not wearing make-up. It is ok to look as if there is makeup on your face. Our goal is to bring out your features that make your face unique, with or without make-up.

SilverHook Makeup For Film Production9. This brings us to the eyes again, which for most people is their best asset. Eye-shadow should be very close to your skin tone, the only difference is that you will reinforce the crease above your eyes with a darker color. If you opt for black, dip your eye brush in your powder before you apply the black. Do this very slightly.

10. Lining your lips with the same color you lined your eyes is going to be very helpful. The best part is that if you are a girl, you can choose any color. Guys a little brown tinted chap-stick will make your lips look clean and natural for TV.

11. You want to take your powder and brush over your entire face. Once you are done take some tissue and lightly dab over your face to pick up any heavy spots of make-up. You are done. These tips should only be used for basic film make-up. We will cover other methods later, but this should get you started for your big debut.

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