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SilverHook Studios is an Atlanta, Georgia based film and video production agency with over 20 years of production experience in the creation and marketing of video and film based projects.

We are an award winning video production company that focuses on helping our clients with transformative and results based film production. We work with non-profit organizations, businesses, agencies, and film directors to help capture your idea, target your message, and speak to your audience so the completed project is the story you wanted to tell.

Our projects are done from concept to completion including writing, filming, editing, sound design, and finishing.

When you've only got one shot to make a difference, let us shoot it for you. Learn more about us here.

What Story Do You Want To Tell?

• Are you struggling with how to tell your story through video?

• Need a video, but don't know where to start?

• Do you need this video to get your clients to take action?

These are the common pain points of our clients that we help them address with either a brand video, commercial videos, explainer videos, how to videos, promotional videos, animated videos, repurposing previous video content, or other great ideas we develop to help you achieve exactly what you want and need for your business. Contact us and let's discuss a video strategy to you produce the results you need.

Tell Us About Your Next Project

More Than Video Production Services

At SilverHook Studios, our focus is on being able to produce the perfect message needed to create your video. Our expertise level as a video production company allows more than just the traditional production experience. We have a reputation for creative integrity. We understand the importance of being a part of the creative process from the beginning. This makes a huge impact in conjunction with your marketing effort. It helps your brand look and stay cohesive, and attracting potential clients for your business.

We've also now added web design and marketing services with our agency division. Let more about those services here.

Your ROI Is Important

We approach all of our video projects from a marketing standpoint. That allows us to access your current sales strategies and figuring out the best film or video production project for you. It also sets up creating extra assets to be used in campaigns and social media, while we help you promote this new content. And most importantly checking in with you from time to time to see how everything is performing and make adjustments as necessButtonary.

Film Is A Story - Video Is The Medium

We consider filmmaking the art of storytelling. So in essence, we consider ourselves more of a production company that delivers film concepts through the medium of video. Stories are what allows you to connect with people. Get them to respond and relate. And whomever you have behind the camera needs to understand this or your risk the chance of not connecting with your target audience.

Using Video To Help You Close The Deal

Some of the reasons clients come to us for their projects is to help them craft a story that their potential buyers can relate to and take action through watching their video project. Common practices are videos where you see the product for sale in use, or people giving a testimonial about their experience with it. On average,
65% of a target audience has visited a vendor's website after watching a video.

Since video should tell a story that engages with the potential buyer, it's important to use both its strength in visual stimulation (being able to see it) coupled with its strength in audio stimulation (being able to hear it) to help get your messaging across. It should be organic, flow naturally, and help solve the intended audiences' problem that you are trying to close the deal with. We make sure your story and the production behind it does this.

Since the majority of our clients are businesses, most of the videos we create for them are used some way or another in helping them close deals. Whether it's engaging new consumers, fostering new vendor relationships, or just informing their internal team, each video we create for them has a message, a target, and a problem to solve. That's the best way to use video to close the deal.

What Is Your Video Marketing Strategy?

We know that is the unspoken question most of our clients come in with. More than likely, you've got an idea or have a few thoughts on what you want to do with the film or video you want to produce, but the real work comes after the video project is complete. And that's to create a video marketing strategy. Better to discuss this on the front end of the project instead of waiting until your video is complete.

We can help you develop a video seo strategy or digital marketing campaign that will help you generate leads and build organic results in the search engines. We can also help you take your video project and turn it into an email marketing campaign, or a social media marketing campaign where your existing customers are already engaged. Your Content Marketing Manager would be a great person for us to work with on this for you.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your video marketing strategy after we've completed your next video project.

Film & Video Production Services

• Filming & Camera Operation

• Casting/Scripting/Storyboard

• Media Conversion

• Commercial Video Productions

• Documentary Film Production

• Video Editing

• Sound Editing, Synch & Mixing

• Feature/Short Film Production

• Corporate Video Production

• Fundraising Video Production

• 2D Animation Graphics

• Finishing & Coloring

• TV Show Pilot Production

• Government Video Production

• Media Conversions

We Also Offer Training and Consulting

In addition to production and marketing work, we offer Production Training & Consulting services to help you and your business or agency create and manage your own in-house production teams, or learn how to properly produce branded livestreams, or other types of broadcast video all while helping you be effective and efficient. This is great for businesses with high volumes of video projects on a daily or weekly basis. Click here to learn more.

Our Film & Video Production Process

Pre-Production Phase

All of our projects with our clients start with Pre-Production, which we define as the planning and discussion of talking points and intended messages and audience for your video. We get your whole team involved for initial ideas and marketing goals, and then our Creative Director works with your Marketing Manager on the needs and desires of the project to make sure we can do an excellent job of this right from the beginning.

Production Phase

Once we go into Production, we bring in any necessary makeup artists, sound and lighting, cameras, monitors, and other equipment, before having the video shoot. Our production team is extremely strict on keeping a tight production schedule and love working within deadlines. Most productions can take weeks to months to complete, so it’s imperative to keep the communication lines open, so you know at all times where the project stands.

Post-Production Phase

During Post-Production our video editors and production team reflect any shifts that occurred throughout the production process as well as complete the color grading, finishing, sound mixing, motion graphics, and other key elements to get closer to a finished product. Post production editing is a crucial part of the process.

Completion Phase

Once there has been an agreement between you and us on a final video, we prepare for distribution and duplication in the Completion process and sign off on the completed project



Chief Executive Officer,

Tj Martell Foundation

“Thank you so much for all of your help with the Atlanta’s Best Cellars Dinner. It was so nice of you to spend your time and effort with video-taping the interview segments and the dinner! I am so appreciative of your wonderful contribution and thoughtfulness to help the many patients who are battling cancer. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others.”


Executive Director,

Christmas In Action

“We (with your video) are the recipients of a fantastic grant from United Way and have also been awarded a new building warehouse to store all of our materials and 35 of every tool we need. You did such a superfragilistic job on it. Thank you again, and I have sent a video to all the CIA’s (Christmas In Action Organizations).”




“This has been an extraordinarily positive relationship for us because SilverHook Studios is superb at what they do, very professional, very good at understanding what we are trying to achieve, very good at offering us suggestions on how we can improve what we are doing, and very flexible when working with us. We definitely recommend them.””

Companies We've Served

When you've only got one shot to make a difference, let us shoot it for you.

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