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Embark on a journey with us where storytelling meets expertise. From crafting compelling scripts for diverse narratives to navigating the intricacies of series and pilot development, we specialize in comprehensive film production that takes your vision from concept to completion.

Our consultative approach goes beyond the camera, offering filmmakers and directors strategic insights on budgets, team building, and planning. Uncover the full spectrum of our creative prowess by exploring our key services.

When you've only got one shot to make a difference, let us shoot it for you. Learn more about us here.

Key Services Overview

Dive into a world where your cinematic visions take flight, where storytelling is an art form, and production is a canvas for boundless creativity. Come explore the core services that define our journey into the heart of cinematic expression.

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Film Production Mastery

Experience the seamless journey from concept to completion with our end-to-end film production services. From writing and filming to editing, sound design, and finishing touches, we orchestrate every element to deliver a cohesive and visually stunning masterpiece.

Project Development for Series and Pilots

Dive into the world of consumable media with confidence. Our seasoned team excels in project development, creating sizzle reels and pilots tailored for pitching. We navigate the competitive landscape, turning ideas into captivating content that commands the spotlight..

Script Expansion Expertise

Discover the potential of a compelling narrative with our dedicated script development services. We specialize in weaving captivating storylines for both short and feature-length films, committed to helping your vision resonate with audiences. We work collaboratively to elevate your script while staying true to your unique voice.

Consultative Support for Filmmakers and Directors

Beyond production, we stand as trusted advisors, providing consultation on critical production elements. Whether it involves budgeting, team and crew building, or strategic planning and scheduling, we are dedicated to ensuring your project is not only creatively fulfilling but also meticulously executed.

Featured Projects

Independent Short Film

He’s incarcerated for defending his drug addicted uncle. His grandmother is not in the best of health. His younger sister has a heart-breaking secret. But it’s his next phone call home that will be his most difficult test thus far.


• Executive Producer

• Director

• Director of Photography

• Editing

Domestics Movie Poster

Independent Feature Film

Made by human rights lawyers and award-winning filmmakers, Jeanne-Marie Almonor and John Shulman, “Domestics” tells the story of working class people of color and immigrants targeted by big business, conservative politicians and the government’s corrupt “War on Terror.”


• Producer

• Editing

• Sound Mixing

Prosper Movie Poster


Independent Feature Film

The rumored daughter of Sarah Good, the first witch to be tried and hung during the Salem Witch trials, lives and commands the spirit world at her fingertips. Irene, as she is known, must sacrifice the lives of a small group of youths every 30 years for preserving her own youthful appearance, powers and prosperity.


• Producer

• Editing

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When you've only got one shot to make a difference, let us shoot it for you.

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