About Us

SilverHook Studios is an Atlanta-based powerhouse in film and TV series development with a rich legacy spanning over 20 years. We are passionately dedicated to empowering filmmakers, directors, and producers to develop their groundbreaking concepts.

We've transitioned our focus to championing the production of impactful cinematic experiences. Our expertise lies in navigating the intricate landscape of film, series, short films, feature films, and documentary-style content.

About The Team

Will Bearyman Creative Director

Will Bearyman
Creative Director/Producer

With over 18 years in production, Will is a dynamic creative force skilled in storytelling through music and video. As Founder and Creative Director of SilverHook Studios, his innovative approaches transforms client ideas into captivating productions.

Whether directing, editing, or producing, Will ensures each project achieves the desired look and feel while delivering a compelling narrative, setting SilverHook Studios apart in the industry.

Derek Jones Writer

Derek "Je'Nuejien" Jones

Derek is a maestro of ink and innovation. Each of his stories is a merry dance of characters and plot twists, leaving audiences hungry for the next act. His directorial magic was brought to life in a feature film, a duo of shorts, and a pair of tantalizing trailers for his magnum opus, "Touch."

With nearly a dozen screenplays under his belt, his creative insight is a valuable asset for any production crew aspiring to reach new heights.

Senegal Tuklor Writer

Senegal Tuklor

Tuklor is a writer, musician, and multi-media artist. He has over 15 years in writing, directing, and editing independent projects for production studios, musicians, visual artists, and non-profit organizations.

Senegal has been active in mentoring youth in areas of music, writing, and entrepreneurship. Since 2017 he has collaborated on community organizing projects that assisted in providing over 20,000 gallons of clean drinking water to the residents of Flint, MI.

Brent Lambert-Zaffino Producer

Brent Lambert-Zaffino

For the past eight years, Brent has immersed himself in the world of filmmaking, skillfully capturing and producing commercial content for esteemed clients such as Publix and Friends of Refugees. He has also played a pivotal role in co-creating the Etowah Film Festival in Canton, GA, fostering a vibrant community of filmmakers.

Beyond his cinematic pursuits, Brent is an avid reader and basketball enthusiast, with a unique fascination for snakes.

SilverHook Studios Sci Fi Set

What Sets Us Apart

Specialization in Independent Films: With a keen eye for storytelling, we excel in producing and editing independent films, whether short form or long form. Our creative team brings a wealth of experience to ensure your narrative captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression. ·      

Project Development Prowess: We are seasoned in the art of project development, crafting compelling sizzle reels and show pilots destined for network pitches. Our track record includes successfully navigating the competitive world of television, turning concepts into engaging content that stands out.

Consultative Approach: Beyond production, we offer consultation services to filmmakers and directors. From refining budgets to team building, planning, and scheduling, our team serves as trusted advisors, ensuring every aspect of your project aligns seamlessly with your vision.

SilverHook Studios Sci Fi Set

Our Comprehensive Services

End-to-End Production: From concept to completion, we handle every facet of your project. Writing, filming, editing, sound design, and finishing – our holistic approach ensures a cohesive and compelling end result.

Strategic Marketing Integration: Recognizing the importance of not just creating visual masterpieces but strategically connecting with your audience, we incorporate marketing strategies into every project. From campaigns to ads and funnels, we help your brand stay cohesive and resonant.

Training and Development: In addition to our core services, we extend Production Training & Development services. Ideal for businesses and agencies, this offering empowers them to establish in-house production teams, fostering effectiveness and efficiency in handling high volumes of video projects. SilverHook Studios is not just a production agency; we are a dynamic force dedicated to shaping the future of film and television. Join us on this exciting journey of cinematic exploration and creation.

When you've only got one shot to make a difference, let us shoot it for you.

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