Film & Video Production Services

Filming/Shooting (HD, 4K, UHD etc.)

One-man band to full production teams as needed. Lighting and professional sound capture included.

Video Editing

Specializing in fast-turnaround times and cloud storage for uploading and downloading of files. Can import and export to the most common production formats.

Video Editing

Includes creation of graphics to fit the project or animation of graphics provided for the final production. 3D animation by special request only and subject to an additional charge.

Sound Editing, Synching & Mixing

Composing or selecting final music for productions, mixing audio as necessary in our production studio and syncing between captured sound and recorded dialogue.

Finishing & Coloring

Correcting coloring issues between shots, giving productions a final polished look and feel, and preparing for delivery.

Media Conversion

Exporting to final delivery format for broadcast, web, or authoring.

Training & Consulting

Our training and consulting services help you figure out the best way to scale your in-house video production and learn more efficient ways to handle livestream broadcasts. Click here to learn more.

What we do with video is simple:

• Produce content that keeps your brand cohesive and visible

• Add peace of mind to your company and marketing plans

• Avoid the consequences of not having the right video

If this resonates with you, then you’ve come to the right place. Many companies are using the film space as a way to reach potential customers, investors, for the art of entertainment, product advertising or for fundraising. One of the struggles we help you overcome is trying to figure out the best way to effectively blend your message with your video concept to connect with your audience.

The most important thing we understand is that the production HAS to deliver on results and be transformative. Whether that’s new customers, funding, new capital, growth, or investments; it has to deliver and speak to your audience to get them to act. You want to be able to use your film project as a connecting and selling tool all on its own, with the capacity to essentially close the deal for you.

Our specialty is effectively capturing your story or mission, targeting your message, and creating a production that speaks directly to your audience while putting your marketing plan in action to compound results.

Now offering marketing services

By popular request of our clients, we've added a marketing division to compliment your video projects. We can now also help you market your completed video projects as well. Visit our Agency Services page for more info on what we offer.

Film And Video Project Capabilities

Feature and Short Film Production

(producing, casting, filming, editing, post, finishing, trailers, etc.)

TV Show Pilot Production

(Reality, Drama, Comedic, Teasers, Sizzle Reels, etc.)

Commercial Video Productions

(campaigns, marketing runs, new product launches)

Corporate Video Production

(internal, promotional, training, etc.)

Government Video Production

(DBE Certified, SAM registered, sole-source, subcontracting)

Documentary Film Production

(research, producing, scheduling, budget, filming, editing, finishing, etc.)

Fundraising Promotional Videos

(non-profit organizations, start-ups, investments, etc.)

Media Conversion & DCP File Creation

(H264, RAW, .mp4, batch conversion, backups, DCP, etc.)

• We fully support your vision and involve ourselves in your issues like they are our own. If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. We are in this together.

• We incorporate the newest production trends and marketing changes directly to your production so you stay steps ahead of your competition.

• We are great at coaching you and your team on camera and working with people who have never done a video project before in a fun and productive way.

• We keep the atmosphere on your set easy and comfortable for everyone involved. We are honest, professional, decisive, and hold our integrity to the highest standards.

• We are extreme problem solvers and do whatever is necessary to get the job done for you. No excuses.

When you've only got one shot to make a difference, let us shoot it for you.

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